8 Channel Car DSP Amplifier

Front 4 channel Class AB For High Quality sound, Rear 4 Channel Class D for High Power

Power Watt MAX @ 4Ω: Front 92W x 4 (Class AB)
Rear 260W x 4 (Class D)
Power Watt RMS @ 4Ω: Front 54W x 4 (Class AB)
Rear 150W x 4 (Class D)
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz
Sound Tuning by Mobile App
7 Bands individual Parametric EQ
Time Alignment
Dynamic Bass

About Product

Boost the sound of your existing car stereo without changing the look of your dashboard. The MDA-800 PRO transforms in-car sound with adjustable equaliser and speaker settings, volume levels and fader controls from the comfort of your seat with a simple touch of your smartphone screen.Time Alignment re-calibrates the signal so you're always in the correct sound field for a more natural listening experience. Connect to your existing car radio. Choose from a variety of speaker configurations to complete your new audio system, with easy set up app from from your smartphone.


Sound Tuning